Annie Glauser

Help Utah’s Air

Cough, cough, gasp, choke! These are some of the sensations that people  all across the Wasatch Front experience when they walk out their doors each day. Utah has a huge problem with dirty air, especially during the winter months. Due to the beautiful mountains that surround us, we live in somewhat of a bowl with a covering over us holding in all of our  polluted air. This air is occasionally removed by a nice storm blowing through, but more often than not, we have go breathe dirty air. What can we do to help ourselves?

One solution for all residents of Utah is to stop idling our cars. There are so many times each day that drivers have the choice to keep their car running or to turn their car off. Think of  all the times that the choice to idle or now is made; the drive up window at a fast food restaurant, dry cleaners or a bank, waiting for a child at a lesson or sports practice, waiting to pick someone up from school or work, waiting for members of a carpool to get in the car, waiting for  your turn in the car wash, and the list goes on. Each of these opportunities provides an opportunity to think about the air around you  and to make a choice. WE NEED TO CHOSE CLEANER AIR!  If each driver let their car idle just a few minutes less each day, our air would be so much cleaner.

The winter mornings in Utah can be very cold and so the  temptation to start our cars to let them warm up is very real. This is a  great opportunity to help clean our air by not letting our cars run to warm us up. We need to remember that it is better to be cold in our cars for a few minutes and breathing clean air than it is to be warm in our cars and breathing dirty air.   Come on Utah! Let¹s all work together to clean the air in our beautiful state of Utah so we can be healthy and happy as we enjoy the beauty around us and breathe with ease!